David B.

Martin Horwitz is a brilliant business attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable about contracts and how to protect your business interests.

Claire M.

Martin is absolutely amazing. I cannot say enough about what an incredible, responsive, intelligent lawyer and man he is. I

Melissa R.

A complete class act. Handles issues w grace and does not make issues worse. Understands, problem solves, and engages in

Ryan R.

Martin is a rockstar among lawyers. I would give him 10 stars if I could. When I needed legal representation

Jung W.

Hi. This is my first time reviewing anyone on Yelp. But, I'm so glad there is a forum to rave

Mac R.

“You don't know how important a TOP TIER attorney is until you need one. But then it's too late. Where

Mark R.

“Martin is the kind of lawyer that gives lawyers a good name. He handled a traumatic civil suit for me,

Dr Neil McLeod DDS

“O.K. are you ready for the goods. Martin Horwitz is a really clever guy. You are not going to meet

Karl Brook

“In times of trouble, or before you are in trouble, the first person I would call would be Martin Horwitz.

Michael Greenfield

“I've used Martin for reviewing contracts and he is top notch. Personable and reliable. The results were all I could

George Dubiecki

“Martin is an amazing Lawer. Thank goodness he is always on my team and not on the other side. He

Eric Agaki

“Martin is amazing, I would not sign one contract with out having Martin read it first, and I would never

David Cagle

“Martin and I have worked on several projects together. In each, I have been consistently impressed with his knowledge of

Dennis Smith, Owner, little red truck plumbing

“I have know Martin for over five years now. Not only form one professional helping out another but as a

Jane Beaumont Hall

“Martin Horowitz is my "go to" person for business law questions. I refer clients to him and without exception my

Bill Hoppock, clinical psychologist

“Martin is a valued center lawyer. He provides the best legal representation to his clients with great legal skills. He

Robert Portillo

“Martin has been my business attorney for close to 8 years. If you want a rock-solid communicator and an attorney

Barbara Friedman & Associates

“Martin is one of the smartest people I know and he is an excellent Attorney. He knows how to get

Brian Tennant

“Martin Horwitz is a pleasure to work with and gets the job done. He thoughtfully gained a grasp of my

Marsha Fox

I cannot recommend Martin Horwitz highly enough. I had never hired an attorney before, and hecame recommended from a family