Hudson v. Foster

November 13, 2019 Mr. Horwitz represented Nigel Hudson, (“Hudson”) in an action against his former conservator, Lucas Foster, (“Foster”) based

JV Soccer Center v. ADMA Associates

Mr. Horwitz represented JV Soccer Center (“JVSC”) in a Declaratory Relief action against ADMA Associates (“ADMA”) seeking a determination that

In re Livne Trust

Mr. Horwitz represented the court appointed trustee of this trust. The remainder beneficiary had sued the trustee on ten separate

Barazani v Haiem

Mr. Horwitz represented the plaintiff in this action on claims of breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract and intentional

Amini v Asia

Mr. Horwitz represented a family of three involved in a significant head-on motor vehicle accident. The daughter, sitting in the

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP v Michael Berguin

Mr. Horwitz represented Michael Berguin in a lawsuit filed by Quinn Emanuel based on breach of personal guaranty. Quinn Emanuel

Judith Welles Waltman v Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Mr. Horwitz represented Mrs. Welles Waltman in an interpleader action filed by Transamerica. At stake was a $500,000 life insurance


Mr. Horwitz represented CM and his daughter, RC in an action filed against them by Rosalie’s soon-to-be ex-spouse, AC. RC’s mother, IM,

Granados v Velvet

Mr. Horwitz represented a internationally recognized fashion company as defense counsel in a wage and hour class action case involving

Step-Sons v Step-Mother

Step-mother owned a minority interest in a company run by step-sons. After her husband, and their father, passed away, the

Sheipe v Bander

Mr. Horwitz defended an attorney accused of infliction of emotional distress on the opposing party. His client was less than

Katzir’s Floor and Home Design, Inc., v. & Peter Sommer, (2004 9th Circuit) 394 F.3d 1143

Mr. Horwitz represented his client, as the purchaser of woodworking equipment, against the brokerage company, M-MLS, Inc., a Canadian company,

Epstein v. Abrams, (1997, 2nd Dist., Div. 4) 57 Cal.App.4th 1159; 67 Cal.Rptr.2d 555,

Mr. Horwitz sought review of an order from the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, which granted approval of a

Hadi “Max” Falahati & Sharon Gilmour Falahati, v. John J. Savay & Janet S. Young

Mr. Horwitz represented the defendants Savay and Young in this jury trial. The parties were previously business partners. They had

Blair v. Jo Jo’s Limousine Service

Mr. Horwitz represented a pedestrian who was struck by a limousine at the departure level of the Los Angeles International

Heidi Hutchinson Apple v. Jeffrey Apple & Emergent Media

Mr. Horwitz represented Jeffrey Apple in 4 lawsuits involving Heidi Apple, Jeff's ex-wife. In the first case, Heidi, named as

Doe Company v. Roe Manufacturer

Mr. Horwitz represented the purchaser of highly specialized filtration equipment. When the ultra violet light bulbs failed, the filtration equipment

Doe Pedestrian v. Roe Building Owner

Mr. Horwitz represented a pedestrian who slipped and fell on a wet marble entryway to an office building. Mr. Horwitz's

Doe Passenger v. Roe Driver

Mr. Horwitz represented the front seat passenger in a single vehicle accident. The defendant driver was driving too fast for

Doe v. Roe Delivery Corporation

Following an accident caused by a package delivery company driver who ran a red light and "t" boned a taxi-cab,